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Morad was born in the Eastern part of Kurdistan (Iran). He arrived to Sweden with his family at the age of 14 and settled down here, which is also his present place of residence.

Morad says: "In Kurdistan, my family, and me could not peacefully settle down in one place. We were forced to move around from city to city, mountain to mountain to find a place to live in. This hardship was due to the fact that my father was an active Kurdish politician. This situation made it impossible for me to have long-time friendship with other children at my age. When I felt lonely and sad my radio, that provided me with music and songs, become my only friend. Since then, music has been a valuable and precious friend in my life and always will be."

Since music has always been a strong passion for Morad, he started taking music lessons, mostly private lessons, at the age of 14. Morad took lessons in Piano playing, reading and writing music, harmonisation, arrangement, songwriting and music theory in general. Besides singing and playing Keyboard which is his main instrument, Morad also plays some other traditional Kurdish instruments.
Morad has been an active musician since 1987 and has worked with many famous Kurdish singers and musicians.

For Morad, music has never been the only profession. He recieved his Bachelor of Science in Physics in 2002 and took his Master of Science graduation in Software Engineering in 2012. During these years Morad has also studied several music courses at different universities.

He is currently working as a Software Architect and composing and producing music in his spare time.

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